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MedAquaMarket - Development of a Strategy for Marketing and Promotion of Mediterranean Aquaculture
Project in support to the GFCM-CAQ Working Group on Marketing of Aquaculture Products (WGMA)


The Project in "Support to the GFCM-CAQ Working Group on Marketing of Aquaculture Products: Development of a Strategy for Marketing and Promotion of Mediterranean Aquaculture" MTF/INT/943/MUL was executed from April 2008 to June 2010, and has been completed in September 2010.

MedAquaMarket was funded by the Spanish Government (Secretaria General de Pesca, Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación) and aimed to increase the understanding of the present situation of marketing of aquaculture products in the Mediterranean and in supporting the members countries in implementing a strategy for the development of the marketing of aquaculture products.

Competing in the present aquaculture products trade environment requires a shift from production-oriented approach into a market oriented production strategy addressing the critical concepts such as product quality and safety, economic efficiency and market promotion. To this end, planning and formulation of development strategies for promotion of a market-oriented, competitive and proactive aquaculture industry in the Mediterranean region requires a clear understanding of the present situation based on quantitative market data, qualitative assessments of comparative advantages and constraints. The GFCM acknowledged these challenges and established a Working group on Marketing as a subsidiary body of its Committee on Aquaculture (CAQ).

The project supported the Working group to:

  • Increase understanding of the present situation in the Mediterranean aquaculture through the provision of quantitative market data and qualitative assessments of comparative advantages and constraints based on national surveys;
  • Prepare a common methodology and template for collection of market information in the Mediterranean region to monitor major trends and establish accordingly a data base to be managed in the future by the Information System for the Promotion of Aquaculture in the Mediterranean of CAQ; 
  • Formulate market recommendations for the development of Mediterranean aquaculture industry and for the promotion of Mediterranean aquaculture images, as part of a framework strategy for Marketing and Promotion of Mediterranean Aquaculture Product to be implemented through a medium-term aquaculture marketing programme.

The main structure of a marketing data-base has been included in the SIPAM Information Technology System.

For more info contact:
Ms Lara BARAZI - International expert [yer@otenet.gr]
Mr Ferit RAD - Coordinator of the Working Group on Marketing of Aquaculture Products (WGMA) [frad@mersin.edu.tr]
Mr Fabio MASSA - GFCM Senior Aquaculture Officer / CAQ Technical Secretary [Fabio.Massa@fao.org]
Mr Federico DE ROSSI - GFCM Data Compliance Officer [Federico.DeRossi@fao.org]

Events and Reports

General information, meetings documents, presentations and reports

  • WGMA - Marketing data scheme and data collection for sustainable aquaculture
    22 Nov 2010 - St. George’s Bay, Malta [Info]
  • Development of a Strategy for Marketing and Promotion of Mediterranean Aquaculture (MedAquaMarket) 26-27 Oct 2009 - Tangiers, Morocco [Info | Report]


GFCM Studies & Review No. 88
Synthesis of Mediterranean marine finfish aquaculture - A marketing and promotion strategy
GFCM Studies & Review No. 89
Present market situation and prospects of meagre (Argyrosomus regius), as an emerging species in Mediterranean aquaculture.

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Online survey

Preliminary survey on Aquaculture Farmers Organizations
Assessment of the current situation of farmers/producer organizations in GFCM member countries

This activity is part of the 2012-2013 workplan of the Working Group of Marketing on Aquaculture Products (WGMA) of the Committee on Aquaculture (CAQ) of the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) and in cooperation with EUROFISH. As follow up to the MedAquaMarket project, this initiative aims at carrying out a regional survey of Aquaculture Producer organizations of farmers (POs) and Farmers Organizations in GFCM member countries given that they are instrumental in addressing several relevant aspects related to sustainable aquaculture, market regulation and best practices.

Online survey


GLOBFISH - Market Reports
FAO Fisheries Department unit responsible for information on international fish trade
Federation of European Aquaculture Producers
Mercados de Abastecimientos de Barcelona SA
Istituto di Servizi per il Mercato Agricolo Alimentare
Research, training, information and consulting in the fishery sector

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