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2010, October

GFCM Studies & Review No. 88

Synthesis of Mediterranean marine finfish aquaculture - A marketing and promotion strategy.
The document has been published and the PDF (version before printing) is available for consultation by clicking here.

This document is an output of the project “Support to the GFCM Working Group on Marketing of Aquaculture Products: Development of a Strategy for Marketing and Promotion of Mediterranean Aquaculture (MedAquaMarket)”. The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the marine aquaculture industry in the Mediterranean and its markets based on national country reports submitted by national marketing experts selected in the Mediterranean countries. Examples from individual countries, where available, have been included to illustrate or explain a certain point or trend. Additional insight obtained through interviews of industry professionals, members of the scientific and academic community and the author’s own experience has also been used throughout the document. The experience of this project has clearly illustrated the problem of consistent and reliable data collection for the industry. Informal, experience-based information was often proved to provide a more accurate picture of the state of the industry than official figures, with a discrepancy of more than thirty percent in some countries. However, in comparison with past surveys, it is clear that official data collection systems are becoming more accurate.

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